Working from home? Telecommuting? Freelancer?

If you’re here, chances are you’re already working from home or on the road, independently. Booyah! That’s me, too.

My name is D.J. and I’ve been self-employed for over ten years. Along the way I’ve gained tons of experience and supported my family in some really creative ways. It’s been an adventure.

I started this site to help work-at-home people like me carve out their working space, deal with distractions, stay healthy, and understand financial issues better. 

I also share my personal travel hacks if you aren’t tethered to the home office. If you’ve ever had to work on the floor of an airport plugged into the only outlet in the Red concourse, this is for you.

Over the years, I’ve learned how to keep myself healthy and (relatively) sane. That keeping out distractions thing? Let’s just say it’s an ongoing battle. But I do have some tips that still work for me and I think they’ll work for you, too.

You also get to learn from my money mistakes. Yay! Taxes don’t automatically favor independent work or the work-at-home model. We have to learn new rules and make sure we’re keeping as much of our hard-earned money as possible.

If you’re not working from home yet or you’re still getting that W-2 every year, that’s cool. Even if working at home is just a dream for you right now, you can still learn a lot here. Fortune favors the prepared.

Welcome! We’re gonna geek out on work-at-home hacks. It’s gonna be awesome. 

Start here.